Career Fair

I went to the career fair, which was on 9/11. It was very interesting and there were a ton of companies there. My two favorite companies that were there are Morgan Stanley and AT&T. There were also many others, such as Johnson & Johnson, eBay, Lily Pulitzer, and New York Life. The event was a bunch of different companies that come to a main room and each have stands. As a student, you get to interact with a representative from the company and try to familiarize yourself with their purpose. As a freshman, it wasn’t that beneficial, but it was still a great thing to check out and explore. Now I have a few companies in my mind that I may want to look a lot more into. My brother just signed with Morgan Stanley as a senior, he found them through the career fair when he was a sophomore. It was nice for me to interact with them while I was there knowing that maybe one day in a few years I can be working for them as well. I think a lot of the companies were well known which was great, but what I also liked was how there were many companies that do not have a big name. a lot of times, we go for jobs with a company who has a big name, but at the fair I got to see a lot of other companies that are just as great as big companies such as, Morgan Stanley or eBay. The reason why I like AT&T so much is because they are the phone service that Apple began their phones with, if Apple used them, you know they have to be the best! Another reason I am so fond of AT&T is because they have great customer service and support service no matter what the issue is. All in all, the career fair was a great time, it may not have been too beneficial for me since I am so young, but I got a lot out of it and I am excited for next years. 


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